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Mental Wellbeing Training (2-Day)

Course overview

This two-day Mental Wellbeing Training course is the mental health equivalent of physical First Aid training. The course provides participants with the knowledge to recognise a range of mental health conditions. Using their training, participants can recognise the early signs of problems arising and help people receive the support they need to recover or manage their symptoms. The training course assists in reducing the stigma of mental health. It also raises awareness of a range of conditions to those who may not know about them.

Target Group

This course is ideal for Heads of Service in all sectors, Teachers, Line Managers, HR professionals, Wellbeing/Mental Health Champions, Occupational Health and Health and Safety representatives.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the training the participant will be able to:

  • Understand what a person's mental health is, define commonly held perceptions on mental health whilst recognising that mental health affects both work and home life
  • Appreciate how mental health links to their strategic organisational/service objectives
  • The moral and legal requirements to look after their employee's mental health
  • Recognise the current situation within their organisation and consider strategic implications
  • Spot the signs of common mental health conditions within individuals and across the organisation as a whole
  • Identify how they can help create a positive and supportive workplace environment and facilitate a better culture for positive mental health
  • Understand how resilience within the workplace can support positive mental health
  • Understand and know how to look after their own mental health
  • Be able to identify when a person may have a condition and know how to signpost to appropriate agencies
  • Learn how to create a workplace/organisation mental health action plan

Participants will not be taught how to diagnose or treat mental health conditions as this can only be carried out by professionals who have the appropriate knowledge, experience and qualifications

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