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The Seattle Sports Guy

"I hope my mom's watching. I'll probably just watch TV all night." Nate Robinson in a postgame interview after to the Finals.

In game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals, the brightest light shined on the mightiest mite [Rainier Beach legend Nate Robinson]. Everything fell his way. The basket was a hula hoop.

I am sure NateRob's mom, and the Metro League extended family were watching and calling each other as Robinson ran amuck on the Magic in Boston. Seattle was watching, caring. Fellow P I blogger, David Nelson, wrote me on Facebook, "Did you hear Ian on KJR the other day about the NBA ratings in Seattle? The ratings are good here." Ian Furness compared Seattleites' passion for the game, to porn. He called it "our dirty little secret." I am sick of people in this town acting like they don't want the NBA back. If you watch and care, so be it: Let your freak flag fly.

"I just wanted to be a pest out there." Robinson

In the beginning it's the Rondo show, but as he darts to the hoop, and drops like a sack of Quickrete, Robinson enters the fray, and doesn't drop the baton. Robinson hits 2 threes, a long range 2, and a Kobe esque fade away, shooting away from his body. What's that you say, "Anadrol 50" Mr. Robinson? He's talkin' trash, whooping it up after every bucket, it's a little embarrassing, but at the same time exciting. Regardless, I root for him. Rondo, sidelined, on the floor, on his belly, ice on his back, after every great play by Nate, pumps his fist.

The most exciting moment that doesn't quite happen, is when Robinson elevates to dunk on Dwight Howard, doesn't make it, and doesn't leap the tall center in a single bound. Earlier in the series, KryptoNate brought Superman back to earth, blocked Howard's shot in game 4. That same game I noticed Nate's new front neck tatt, a baby angel on his adam's apple. He didn't have that when he watched the Dawgs in the Sweet 16 two months ago.

NateRob is enigmatic and easy on the eyes. He is compact and covered in pads; elbow pads, thigh pads and shin pads. Thing about the pads is, Rondo wears the arm and leg armor, same as Nate, and up until game 6, I, never noticed Paul Pierce sportin'em. He usually rocks the high socks, like Jason Terry.

Not all the Seattle ballers are mild mannered like Brandon Roy and Jamal Crawford. Robinson protg Isaiah Thomas, is a little guy who is covered in tatt's, salutes like Nate, throws up dub hand signs, sticks his tongue out, and jaws at ghosts. Like short Primobolan En Zweten rockstars, Eddie Vedder and Lil Wayne, they are the little guys with a Napoleonic complex: A chip on their shoulder. The smaller they are, the more they tend to puff out their chest and "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" have something to say.

Some are turned off by the swagger, "Anaboliset Aineet" but I don't mind. IT and NateRob are entertainers. They grew up in a region ruled by Gary Payton, the talker of all talkers. The term "side show" is universally thrown "Anaboliset Aineet" at Nate, referring Is Equipoise A Safe Steroid to his play for the Knicks earlier this season. He scored 40 in a game. He was a spark on a team with no fire, so I am confused as to why he was the problem. "Side show" doesn't sit well with me. It borders on code language for black basketball, the much maligned style of play that is not considered "sound basketball".

As a Sustanon 250 3rd Week Sonic Ray wore X Man's jersey number.

Last night Magic Johnson blurted out the "Big 4 adding Rondo to the "Big 3.

Last week when Boston's "Big 3 (Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen) were interviewed together, I zeroed in on ex Sonic Allen's comments, "Rondo emulated each one of us (the Big 3) on his way to finding himself. Now Rondo is his own man." The summer after Boston won the title, Michael Jordan told Ray they were lucky and said, "Win 2 and come talk to me."

Ron Artest: So Gutter, So Gunner

"There was a point in time "buy cheap jintropin online" when I shot 40% from 3." Ron Artest

Artest's gunner mentality almost sunk LA, when he shot a 3 with 21 seconds left on the shot clock, in game 5 of the Western Conference Finals. But he redeemed himself when he put back a Kobe miss with .04 left in the game. We all have a gunner side. I love pulling up for 3 on a fast break, but am too self conscious, to keep shooting, once I miss more than one. With every brick, my confidence fades, but you gotta keep hoisten'em up, build a brick house, to be a scorer.

A friend of mine, Jimi King, is forever throwing up long range prayers. He is a black hole, if you pass him the rock, no chance getting it back, no matter how off balance or out of position, Jimi's old man, Perk, is yelling, "Shoot the ball Jimi." There's no reason for that type of behavior, it's selfish, flashy, and attractive. And of course that's what the little guys do at the Rotary these days.

Recently former Sonic Kevin Durant opened up his Twitter page to a Q and A with his followers. I hadn't heard the comment Kobe made to Durant and Russell Westbrook at the end of the first round. Franklin High School alum Aaron Brooks was included, too.

Is it true Kobe came to you and Russ and said y'all some bad mofos and im glad we're done wit y'all?

Who do you think has been MVP of the playoffs?

Whats The Worst You Ever Got Crossed Over in Basketball?

KD: Aaron Brooks had me Drunk at da bar wit a in n out.

What's up with the way u wear the towel on your head?

KD: I like hoodies, ALOT, so I make my own.

A clip of former Rainier Beach superstar Jamal Crawford is in the "what the playoffs sound like" commercial.

Clips used for the Western Conference Finals TV spots feature voice of the Sonics Kevin Calabro on the radio broadcast, although not as flavorful as a "magic carpet ride" call, but still full of flavor.

Starbucks' Facebook page meltdown is another sign that the Sonics fans will not forget, will not move on, which is a reminder of what is important to this city. All the polling data and dismissive statements by politicians, media, and civic leaders concerning the NBA and a local team are off base.

Recently I ran into my friend Rod, the Sonics Historian, and he told me of his new endeavor. Rod plans to get, "all the Sonics' logos" tatted on his body. He reminded me of the upcoming 31st anniversary of the Supes' 79 title. The Historian and the last 300 Sonics will be at Floyd's on Tuesday. Commando Dave will be there all day managing the DVD viewing party. I urge the youngsters, who are reading this, to go. These dudes will give you some historical "coo coo ca choo" perspective if you were born in the 90s and don't have real time memory of the City logo.