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Why Mental Wellbeing Training is important in Higher Education

Mental health problems are common, especially depression, anxiety, eating disorders and substance abuse (this is not a definitive list). Sadly, stigma remains associated with mental health problems and this at times can prevent people from seeking help and support.

Figures taken from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) reveal that there were 95 university student suicides recorded across the country for the 12 months running up to July 2017. However, the lead on mental health policy at UUK John de Pury, explained that this data does not take into account suicides among students attending further education colleges.

A report published by the Institute for Public Policy Research also revealed that the vast majority of universities (94%) had “experienced a sharp increase” in the number of students seeking support for mental health problems over the last five years, with some reporting a massive 300% rise in such requests.

Our team understands the importance of improving mental health support within higher education and have developed training courses in-line with Health of England's Education Mental Wellbeing framework. We offer practical strategies to support students and staff experiencing and dealing with mental health problems.

Secondary Schools

Why Mental Wellbeing Training is important in Secondary Education

The Mental Wellbeing Training course for Young Adults is a half day bespoke course for secondary school students and teenagers attending college from years. Students will learn how to provide mental health first aid to their friends.

This course is developed working with young people who have had first-hand experience of living with a mental health problems and our professional's mental health associates.

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