Who we are

CQT (Care Quality Training) was established to help improve care through quality training of staff and carers who support people in the community and working in the NHS, charitable organisations and the Independent and Social Care sector. CQT facilitates and addresses the need to train people in a non-overwhelming, safe and respectful manner that is suitable for all levels of staff.

Our training portfolio includes Leicester's De 'Montfort University, Leicester City's Mental Health Social Workers, London Borough of Sutton Council, The Orders of St John Care Trust (OSJCT), Active Prospects a Disability service & support organisation, Interserve facilities services, PrimeLife Care Homes, as well as a number of other independent service providers.

Accredited and licensed trainers deliver our training; together we have over 30 years of specialist experience and clinical knowledge working in the public and private sector.

What We Do

CQT provide bespoke training in specialised topics such as Mental Health (MHA) Awareness, Breakaway techniques, Physical Interventions, Restraint Reduction, Holding skills, Challenging Behaviour, Yound People who Self Harm, Mental Capacity Act and Defensible documentation.

We also provide a range of training packages for professionals and carers working with children and young people, such as supporting young people who self-harm, Attachment Theory and child development, supporting young people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the Impact of Abuse, Trauma and Neglect. Our training is fully flexible and can be adapted to meet individual needs.

We have significant experience working with and training foster carers and adoptive parents to develop an understanding of the impact of trauma on children and young people and introduce a range of practical strategies to help children and young people develop and overcome traumatic experiences.

We are able to offer cognitive assessments and assessments of adaptive functioning. We are also able to offer assessments of children and young people where there is a diagnostic query of an Autistic Spectrum disorder.

CQT Quality Assured

Our training is comprehensive in terms of meeting national guidance provided by NICE, Care Quality Commission (CQC), Mental Health Act Code of Practice (2007) as well as meeting a range of supplementary related guidelines. We have been assessed and endorsed by Skills for Care as Quality Training Providers

Our bespoke Breakaway and Holding Skills training meets the guidance recommended by the DOH 2014 Positive and Proactive workforce document and the NHS Security Management Services "Promoting Safer and Therapeutic Services" (PSTS) policy http://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/Documents/psts_implementing_syllabus.pdf and the recent change in NICE guidelines.