Domiciliary Care meets State of the Art Technology

CareSuccess are using their State of the Art Technology digital App to help support Domiciliary care providers who look after vulnerable people in the community. From what I’ve seen so far the interoperable app is compatible with hundreds of other software devices and systems and able to integrate both Domiciliary Care and Health and Social care records, allowing Nurses, General Practitioners, Patients and their Families, Social Workers and Regulation Inspectors such as CQC and CCG’s greater visibility of crucial documentation and information such as Diabetes, Asthma and Alzheimers.

The app also allows fast access to up to date documentation and reports that feed into the Management dashboards. Information and live alerts can be sent to all relevant stakeholders and access can be quickly granted or denied at the point of care. Having seen the App working I feel this transform how domiciliary care and primary care can co-support patients at home. This is definitely one to keep an eye on as it could definitely make my role as CQC Specialist Advisor much less complicated when it comes to inspecting and examining care notes and data.