Breakaway Training

Violence and aggression are occupational hazards for people working in health and care services. This one-day breakaway training programme aims to equip and educate course participants from an individual or team perspective to safely break away from people who are disruptive and challenging, allowing them to escape or raise the alarm when they are being physically attacked. The course is split into both theoretical and practical components and teaches people to focus on least restrictive practices. We promote positive and proactive communication to manage and de-escalate difficult situations, with an emphasis on any physical intervention skills taught, to be used as a last resort. (Positive and Proactive care DOH 2014).

    Target Group

  • People who come into contact with individuals exhibiting aggressive and behaviours that are challenging.
  • Social Workers, Foster Carers, Personal Assistants, Independent and Voluntary Organisations
  • Dental staff
  • Staff working in Education
  • Staff working in Care Homes

Learning Objectives

On completion of the course learners will be able to:

  • Use the skills required to deal with face-to-face aggression.
  • Use techniques and knowledge to escape from threatening situations.
  • Understand the Restraint Reduction Network Six Core Strategies
  • Identify behaviour that indicates an escalation towards aggressive and violent behaviour and take appropriate measures to avoid and/or de-escalate crisis situations
  • Assess the level of risk associated with crisis behaviour and make appropriate decisions related to management of such risks
  • Use a person-centred approach with individuals when managing crisis situations to achieve positive outcomes.
  • Identify and understand the impact of crisis events and describe post crises responses which can be used for support and learning.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of relevant law including the use of reasonable force.
  • Understand the organisations and individuals responsibilities around policies and procedures.

Training Level

  • Intermediate - All participants will be assessed on their ability to use the Breakaway techniques taught during the training


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  • 1 Day

Refresher Courses

  • 1 Day Yearly

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It was fun and interactive.
Very useful, relevant and easy to understand.
Great presentations explaining what to do in dangerous situations keeping yourself and others safe.
Techniques repeated several times helped make for easy understanding.
The course was very good and clear. Have learnt how to protect myself.
We learned how to get out of a strangle hold which was a very useful technique.
Great to be involved more likely to remember.
We had a great experience with the breakaway training.
Superb! This sums up course with CQT. Good tips and advice we look forward to next year for the refreshers.