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CQT is a UK wide accredited CPD training organisation providing the highest quality Mental Health and Physical Intervention Training to all sectors across the UK. We specialise in delivering courses in Mental Health Awareness, Physical Intervention Training e.g. Person-Centred Holding Skills, Breakaway Techniques, Conflict Resolution and De-escalation. We are endorsed by Skills for Care and compliant with The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Ofsted and CQC regulations.

Our Training Courses include:

Holding Skills (Physical Intervention Training)

CQT's highly sought after Holding Skills Training (HST) follows current guidance on Positive Behaviour Support, Restraint Reduction Strategy, Positive and Proactive Care and Person-Centred Approach. Our training advocates the use of de-escalation techniques to deal with an aggressive situation as early as possible and teaches that employees should only use a physical intervention as a last resort. This is an essential course for employees who support adults and children living with Mental Health Problems and behaviours that are challenging or that challenge the service.

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Conflict Resolution and Breakaway Training

CQT's highly popular course deals with the key principles of Conflict Resolution and follows the learning outcomes in the UK Core Skills Training Framework. This course will give delegates an understanding of what challenging behaviour is and how to identify anger and its causes. Our training demonstrates how least restrictive practices such as communication skills can be used proactively to manage, de-escalate and resolve conflict and the use of breakaway techniques as a last resort to safely break away from people who are disruptive, challenging and aggressive.

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Mental Health Awareness and Wellbeing

This one-day mental health awareness and wellbeing training programme is designed to introduce people to the topic of mental wellbeing, it raises awareness of mental health problems and helps reduce the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health issues. The course will teach learners to quickly identify someone who may be experiencing mental health issues and the simple things they can do every day to proactively support themselves, friends and colleagues, both in and out of the workplace.

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Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) New Physical Intervention Training Standards

April 2019 saw the launch of the new Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards. The Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards 2019 Commissioned by the NHS are intended to provide a national benchmark for training in supporting people who are distressed in education, health and social care settings. CQT, welcomes the new Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) Training Standards and are now working towards the new training standards certification well in advance of the start of the RRN Training Standard going live in October and becoming a requirement from April 2020.